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Is It Over Yet?

I don’t know if you are aware of this, but there is an election happening in the United States. . .Oh wait, are you like me and wondering if it is over yet? I must confess-the division, fear-mongering, hatred, and all the negative news media conversations have really made me exhausted. It has almost become…

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Faith and Mental Health

For some reason, talking about faith and mental health together feels awkward and it shouldn’t. I can’t put my finger on the why, but churches have shyed away from the conversation of mental health. We are afraid to have the discussion because maybe we don’t have all the answers. And you know what? That is…

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Why is January so depressing?

Happy New Year! So many of us shout this with excitement as the ball drops and the confetti falls. We make big plans, set all the goals, and look to a new calendar as a clean slate. This will be our year to make all of our dreams come true! But something happens. . .…

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The Devil Stole My Playlist

Do y’all remember these? I do, but barely HA! The good ole fashioned cassette tape.  The one thing I remember about these is using them to record songs off of the radio. I would have one in my boombox ready at all times to record the songs that I loved. There was no downloading the…

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No More Should Bully

The laundry “SHOULD” be done by now…The groceries “SHOULD” be put up…The house “SHOULD” be cleaned every day…Dinner “SHOULD” be hot and ready every night by the time my husband gets home…The kids “SHOULD” be outside playing…I “SHOULD” be playing with them like my friend posts on her social media…We “SHOULD” eat healthy every day…

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God, Are You Sure?

Have you ever asked God the question, “Are you sure about this?”Have you ever wondered what on earth God is thinking when He leads you to step out of the boat into the unknown? Have you ever thought why in the world would He call you to do something bigger than you could ever think or…

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