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Anxiety Elephants for Tween Girls & Boys

Anxiety is bullying our children using fear, pain, and isolation caused by difficult life circumstances.

Anxiety Elephants for Tweens guides this pre-adolescent generation equipping them with Scripture, daily action steps, community, and power-packed tools to overcome the tactics of their enemy. This devotional contains an introduction, checklist of anxiety symptoms, 90 days of devotionals with journaling pages, Scripture, and open-ended questions.

This new book is available in two cover styles: one for girls and one for boys.  You can choose the one that works best for your child.

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Anxiety Elephants Devotional Book

Anxiety Elephants: 31-Day Devotional

The Anxiety Elephants have invaded your life with their rumbling and pounding at the most inconvenient times. You wonder why they picked you--why did they pick now? Is something wrong with you? Are you the only one in this battle?

Anxiety Elephants is a 31 Day Devotional written to help you have hope and tools in overcoming the anxiety bombarding your life. It will be evident throughout the book that you are not alone on this journey. God is with you, and will help you stomp out the fear and despairing moments suffocating your heart, mind, and soul. Encouragement will come through scripture, real-life stories from the author, and advice on what to do when those triggers go off signaling an attack.  By the end, you will find practical ways to trample the Anxiety Elephants and place the enemy under your feet.

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