The Devil Stole My Playlist

Do y’all remember these? I do, but barely HA! The good ole fashioned cassette tape. 

The one thing I remember about these is using them to record songs off of the radio. I would have one in my boombox ready at all times to record the songs that I loved. There was no downloading the songs onto a phone in an instant. You just hoped you would get lucky and those songs you just could not live without would come on the radio. 

What Is On Your Playlist?

If you are like me, nowadays you have set playlists on your phone. No need to sit and wait to hit a record button. Maybe you have a playlist for when you run, workout, or drive to school. Maybe your playlist is a list of songs that are your favorites. Maybe the playlist is full of songs that you listen to when you are feeling a little down and need some encouragement. 

My playlist is pretty special to me, and the devil tried to steal it a few days ago.

Go with me on this for just a minute.

I recently got a new iPhone. Which model it is, I could not tell you. I am not good with change so it has been a few years since I have updated my phone.

My husband, who is a technology guru, got it all set up. He had all the settings that I am used to, all my apps in their correct place, everything was just the way it should be, or so we thought.

I was driving my kids to school, and they were asking to hear their usual songs we listen to on the way to school. 

I go to pull up my playlist…and it is GONE!  As we say in the South, I had a complete come-apart!

You see, it took me a long time to make this playlist. It was a list of songs that I wanted to learn to sing when we travel to lead worship. These songs spoke to my heart and spoke to what God pulled me out of a few years ago. 

You may be asking, “Caris, why do you think the devil stole this list?” 
I think that, because for a second, he did. Everything was done correctly for it to be transferred to my phone, and it wasn’t. 

Why Did He Steal My Playlist?

He knew just the right way to hit me to hurt me. He knew that I would respond in full-out panic mode. He knew that I would get mad at my husband. He knew that just a few nights before that, a friend sent me a text message encouraging me to learn a new song to sing not knowing I already had it on my list.

He stole my playlist because he doesn’t want us to use the gifts and talents God has given us. He stole my playlist because he saw my faith growing. He stole my playlist because he saw my willingness to walk in obedience to God growing. He stole my playlist because he knows what God has put inside of me. He stole my playlist because he knows I am dangerous when I walk in my God-given purpose.

He stole my playlist because that is what he is…a thief. 

The Bible tells us in John 10:10, that the thief, the devil, comes only to do three things: steal, kill, and destroy.  The Bible also tells us in 1 Peter 5:8, that our enemy, the devil, is prowling around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. If you did not realize this, as followers of Jesus, you have a real enemy out there. He wants to take you out, and he knows what to use to do it.

Satan stole my playlist because that is what he is…a thief.

The devil does not want you to walk in what God has called you to do because he knows what happens when you and I do that.
He knows the power of God. 
He knows the Sovereignty of God.
He knows what happens in the end.
He knows that God wants to use us to be His instruments, His vessels, to bring others to know the salvation that they have through Jesus. 
So, I ask you….what has the devil tried to steal from you? 
What has he tried to use to knock you off of your feet and stop you from walking in the calling God has placed on you?
How do you stop him from stealing from you? 
Follow the advice in James 4:7, which tells us: Submit yourselves to God. RESIST the devil, and he will flee from YOU.

Submit yourselves to God and stay focused on Him. 

Resist the devil by reminding him exactly who he is and exactly who God is and stand firm on His Word. Then, he has to flee because he knows he has no power or authority over God…that means God has given us power and authority over him through the power of the Holy Spirit inside of us.

It’s time we start walking out our lives in this way.
It’s time we fight back with the weapons God has given us.
It’s time we walk in the divine power God has given us.
It’s time we bring others along with us.
It’s time friends.

By the way…I got my playlist back. 

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