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Caris is a Christian Communicator who shares the hope of God through speaking, and leading worship. She is the recent author of Anxiety Elephants 31 Day Devotional.  Her passion for the Lord comes through as she shares from her experiences of overcoming depression and anxiety. Her desire is to help women of all ages with their faith and mental health journey.

Anxiety Elephants

The Anxiety Elephants have invaded your life with their rumbling and pounding at the most inconvenient times. You wonder why they picked you--why did they pick now? Is something wrong with you? Are you the only one in this battle?

Anxiety Elephants is a 31 Day Devotional written to help you have hope and tools in overcoming the anxiety bombarding your life.

Anxiety Elephants Devotional Book


As a Senior Pastor, I have grown accustomed to recognizing giftedness in the realm of communicating and Caris is one of those people, Caris also led us in worship and she is a gifted singer who sings from her own walk with God. She is organic in her faith which produces for everyone an experience that is purely one-of-a-kind.

Joey Hill
Senior Pastor
Highpoint Community Church

We found Caris to be honest, vulnerable and hope-filled when she shared. Her challenges and her testimony were a great encouragement to us and a reminder that we are not beyond God's mercy and grace.

Rev. John Richter
St. John's Church

Caris worships with her whole heart and speaks the truth about God’s Word. She is authentic, encouraging, and inspirational. Her message of redemption and hope touches audiences of all ages. I highly recommend Caris to speak and/or lead worship at your church or event!

Steve & Angie Patrick
Family Life Pastors
Daystar Church

I have had the pleasure to ask Caris to serve as worship leader and speaker for several events held in 2017-2018.
Each time, she brought God's Word and anointing through worship and words. Caris offers her whole self when she leads in worship and speaks truth from our Heavenly Father.

Melissa Betts
Children's Pastor
Cullman First United Methodist

Conversations with Caris


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Caris is a gifted speaker, worship leader, and author. Her authentic and relevant messages is making her a rising star among Christian communicators. She would love to work with your church, ministry or organization. Caris is a speaker who can connect with any audience and is a welcome addition to any platform. She has spoken in front of large audiences, but she also enjoys speaking at smaller, more intimate retreats and conferences.  Additionally, Caris is available for outreach luncheons/dinners and to speak at fundraising events for non-profit organizations. She has a flexible honorarium and she will do her best to work with your budget.

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